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The Pegboard: 2013


TAG Holiday Party; From President Foster: Thanks to William Gilbert; From the Business Representative: The Outing; From President Loofbourrow; Help Us Remember; AAI Winter “Mini” Semester; From The Editor: Cons and Expos; The No-Match 401k Plan; Gallery 839: Ralph Hulett Christmas Card Display; Happy Holidays!


2013 Election Results; From the Business Representative: TV CGI; From the President: Furshlugginers, Veeblefetzers and Potrzebies Unite!; Lou Scheimer, RIP; The New Editor; Getting Your Health Benefi ts Started; Have you done your annual 401k review; In memoriam: Shirley Mapes and Don Nelson; Happy Thanksgiving!


Now, it’s time to vote!; From the Business Representative: Leverage, again, by Steve Hulett; Introducing our shop stewards; IATSE and MPTF present A Day At The Races; The Nov 1 Show at Gallery 839; “Freelance”: It isn’t a magic word; From the Recording Secretary: I was mad as hell, by Jeff Massie; Our next party at the Autry: January 3, 2014; In memoriam: Tom McLaughlin and Dardo Velez; Unpaid wages: the law is on your side; Happy Halloween!


Officer nominations on September 24; From the Business Representative: Macro wages, micro wages, by Steve Hulett; Graham Morris show opens October 4 at Gallery 839; From the President: From the box in the closet at the old school house, by Bob Foster; In memoriam: Martha Buckley, Reed Cardwell, Terri Eddings, Marcella Hahn, Bob Kirk, Charlene Miller, Eleanore Pickett, Eva Schneider and Hetta Van Elk; General membership meeting, September 24


Time to step up; From the President: Rockin’ with the E-Board, by Bob Foster; From the Business Representative: Then and now, by Steve Hulett; All about hourly guarantees; 2013 member wage survey; Our computer lab; In memoriam: Lou Scarborough and Ron Dias; Get on the list!; Save your pay stubs … and check them!

JULY 2013

Nick CG artists ratify contract; July 30: Tom Sito at the General Membership meeting; From the Business Representative: It’s not 1997 any more, by Steve Hulett; Minimums increase effective August 4; Six reasons to become an Executive Board member; Walt Peregoy drawings at Gallery 839; From the Organizer: Organizing Nick CG, by Steve Kaplan; Studio Arts classes for summer; In memoriam: Ray Jacobs and John David Wilson; General membership meeting, July 30

JUNE 2013

Time for the wage survey; July 30: Tom Sito at the General Membership meeting; From the President: Up from GMAdom, by Bob Foster; From the Business Representative: Interns, by Steve Hulett; In memoriam : Eric Heschong; Getting screwed in the Canadian VFX industry, by Dave Rand; The dues and don’ts of union dues, by Ann C. Hodges and Ellen Dannin; Happy 4th!

APRIL 2013

Disney lays off veterans; From the President: The ballad of John Henry, by Bob Foster; From the Business Representative: Offense and defense, by Steve Hulett; Events calendar: Actors Fund orientation, Budgeting – nuts and bolts, The next move for neck and back pain, Intuitive eating, Animation Guild general membership meeting, Animation Invitational Golf Tournament; Half of X at Gallery 839 All about vacation and holiday pay MPTF health centers; New phone number for MP Health and Pension Plan; In memoriam: Armen Mirzaian, Mitzi Mucerino and Lois Ryker; If the unemployment office says “Thank you”, hang up

MAY 2013

Financial planning panel, May 28; From the Business Representative: Investing to win, by Steve Hulett; From the President: The Most Interesting Storyboard Artist In The World, by Bob Foster; Four artists @ Gallery 839, starts June 7; Look for your premium bill in the mail; Coming soon — the wage survey; Five hundred bucks a week; Animation Invitational Golf Tournament, June 8; Change your address online; Cartoonists needed for the City of Hope; In memoriam: Ray Harryhausen, Tenny Henson, Ed Levitt and Jesse Santos; General membership meeting, May 28

MARCH 2013

Is the Dream fading?; From the President: The good old days, by Bob Foster; From the Business Representative: Bleeding the creatives, by Steve Hulett; Our three pensions; Studio Arts announces spring session; In memoriam: Nicholas Hoppe; General membership meeting, March 26


Training grants approved for 2013-2014, From the President: Syncope, by Bob Foster; From the Business Representative: “Creative destruction”, by Steve Hulett; Don Jurwich at Gallery 839, opens March 1; From the Organizer: Don’t work for free!, by Steve Kaplan; Investment for dummies (like us); Read the Peg-Board online; Pay your dues online; March 2: An afternoon of remembrance


New year, new party; From the Business Representative: The year in review, by Steve Hulett; “Illustrating Modern Life” at the Weisman; From the President: Happy New Year, by Bob Foster; From the Organizer: A campaign against entertainment subsidies, by Steve Kaplan; Index vs. managed funds; March 2: An afternoon of remembrance; You can disclose your wages, In memoriam: Charlotte Armstrong, Carmela Blitz, Grigor Boyadjiev, Ann Gefre, Diane Keener, Maxine Markota, Naomi O’Loughlin, Bruce Schaefer and Tom Woodington; A panel on agents (and managers); General membership meeting, January 29

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