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iPad Mini Giveaway At Membership Meetings!

The TAG Executive Board has changed the giveaway item at Membership Meetings for 2014. Instead of a Trader Joe’s gift card, members now have the chance to take home a brand new Apple iPad Mini! Come to be informed, stay to win an iPad!

Only active or members paying off their initiation fees are eligible to win the iPad. Members on withdrawal, on suspension or who have elected Financial Core are not eligible to win, but are welcome at the meetings.

Gallery 839

Paintings from the Cartoon House

Art Exhibit by Wes Archer

Opens Friday, July 11th 6:00 to 9:00pm

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Did You Know That...

The TAG 401(k) Plan is switching to Vanguard?


The TAG 401(k) Plan Trustees have determined that the plan participants would be best served by switching administrators. As of August 1st, the TAG 401k Plan will be administered by The Vanguard Group.

Beginning the first week in June, participants will receive a number of details about the transfer. Current account balances will automatically be invested at Vanguard into the Target Retirement Fund based on the year in which the participant turns 65.

For details on the switch to Vanguard, click this link: http://animationguild.org/401k-conversion/