Lunch & Learns

Our informative series of seminars to help TAG members thrive on the job and at home.

Cartoon of computer and shopping bagSide Hustles

As the inaugural webinar in the Side Hustles series (an exploration of the different ways artists diversify their incomes), Online Shops featured panelists Elsa Chang (Big Cartel, Threadless, Etsy), David DePasquale (Squarespace), and Miranda Dressler (Etsy). Learn more.


Ergonomics for Artists

Valerie Hunter, Physical Therapist at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center, shared general guidelines on how to stay healthy and physically strong while working, including desk stretches, posture recommendations and answering commonly asked questions. Learn more.


Estate Planning

Rebecca Goldfarb, an attorney specializing in estate planning and elder law services visited the Animation Guild to talk about estate planning, a subject that can be difficult and stressful for many individuals. If you missed the event, you can read an overview of her discussion here.


Autism Support

The FAM committee hosted a Lunch & Learn on Oct. 23, 2019 focused on autism resources. The panel, moderated by FAM committee chair Kristin Donner and parent and DreamWorks animator Megan Kreiner, included many medical professionals. Learn more about what they shared.


What to Expect When You’re Expecting in Animation

The Family and Personal Leave Subcommittee hosted a panel discussion on what you need to know if you are considering starting a family, including: Kristin Donner (who successfully advocated for TAG’s first-ever Parental Leave Policy), storyboard artist and father of three Neil Graf, mother and background artist Teri Hendrich Cusumano, and Silvana Toledo, founder of Collab&Play, were on hand to share their personal experiences and answer questions


Keeping Up with the Digital Toolkit

The Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Games & Animation came to the Guild to discuss how you can continue to learn and sharpen skills without feeling overwhelmed by the ever-changing landscape of technology. Directors of Education and Instructors Beau Janzen and Max Dayan identified common road blocks in learning and ways to overcome them, underscoring the importance of more efficient learning and where to find the right resources


Understanding Your Credit Score

Brock Collins, the Senior Membership Development officer at First Entertainment, came to the Guild to help members understand their credit score better—what affects it and how you can improve your score. You can read an overview of the discussion here.


Coping During COVID

Naomi Rodda, Director, Home & Community-Based Services at MPTF, shares tools to help address the challenges associate with COVID-19. You can watch the panel here.