Peg-Board 2023

The Peg-Board is the Animation Guild’s monthly newsletter.  It has been in print since 1960 and it is the longest continuously published union newsletter in Hollywood.

February 2023

Recentering; From the President: Checking In; From the Business Representative: Our Part in District Conventions; Field Rep Corner: Questions to Ask When You’re Being Hired; Writers Staffing Grid; Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace; Keyframe Wins 5 ILCA Awards; In Memoriam; Gallery Show: Black Artists Group; Upcoming Events at The Animation Guild

January 2023

The Inside Scoop; From the President: Hold On As Tight As You Can!; From the Business Representative: Here Comes the Fight; Field Rep Corner: New Year, New Laws; Dear Animation Guild: A Note from Allison Smartt; Afternoon of Remembrance; Writers Staffing Grid Q1; Gallery Show: Kathy Zielinksi; Upcoming Events at The Animation Guild

December 2022

A Look Back at 2022; From the Business Representative: Happy New Year, Members!; Field Rep Corner: That’s a Wrap on 2022; In Memoriam; Attention 401(k) Participants!; Upcoming Events at The Animation Guild