Peg-Board 2017

The Peg-Board is the Animation Guild’s monthly newsletter.  It has been in print since 1960 and it is the longest continuously published union newsletter in Hollywood.

APRIL 2017

Open House At The Animation Guild; From The President: The Art Babbitt Appreciation Society; From The Business Rep: How Holiday Pay Works; In Memoriam; MPTF Is Here For You; Screen Cartoonists Golf Tournament; May Gallery Show; General Membership Meeting

MARCH 2017

Animation Wage-Fixing Lawsuit; From The President: Last Edition; From The Business Rep: Why You Should Be A Delegate; 40 Means 40; April Gallery Show; General Membership Meeting


CGMA Spring Term; In Memoriam; From The President: Afternoon of Remembrance; What is the Grievance Procedure?; From The Business Rep: The Four Pillars of Success; March Gallery Show; General Membership Meeting


Coming Up Roses; Afternoon of Remembrance Invitation; From The President: Award Season; Pluralsight Training Subscriptions; Box Office Report; February Gallery Show; From The Business Rep: Social Media: It’s Important.; 2017 Calendar; General Membership Meeting