Peg-Board 2024

The Peg-Board is the Animation Guild’s monthly newsletter.  It has been in print since 1960 and it is the longest continuously published union newsletter in Hollywood.

March 2024

Let’s Work Together; From the President: Weathering the Storms of Change; TAG Tuesday and Help for Members; Show Your Support for Color Designers; Vanguard Virtual Education Series: Timeline to Retirement; In Memoriam; April Gallery Show – The Superhero Project; Upcoming Events at The Animation Guild

January 2024

Your Voice . . . Your Vote; Constitutional Change for GMM Dates; Learn About Labor Actions; Negotiations Q&A; Field Rep Corner: Spotlight on Mental Health Resources; Meet the Recruiter: Ellen Su; 2024 401(k) Reminders; Afternoon of Remembrance; 2023 In Memoriam; February Gallery Show: Teri Hendrich C; Upcoming Events at The Animation Guild