Job-Related Skills Training

Contract Services suspends skills training program

Contract Services Administration Trust Fund (CSATF) has been forced to suspend the Skills Training program. Like many other organizations, CSATF has been seriously impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Most of CSATF’s revenue comes from contributions linked to hours worked under union agreements, much like MPI. The significant impact on The entertainment industry has had a drastic negative impact on CSATF’s funding.    Click here for more information



      Keep your skills up to date and learn new ones!

Employer-Funded Skills Training

Our contracts require union employers to fund job-related training programs for eligible industry employees. This Training Trust Fund is controlled by Contract Services. Their obligation is to ensure that only eligible employees receive training funds and only for courses that Contract Services has pre-approved as job related.

  1. Get Qualified

  2. Choose from Approved Classes and Apply Appropriately

1. Qualifying

Animation Guild members can qualify to access these funds, in some cases even if they’re unemployed.

Click here to see if you’re pre-qualified

  • Partial Entries are acceptable. You don’t have to fill every field to search.
  • Search by Last Name and SSN for quickest and most accurate result.

If your employer hasn’t pre-qualified you, you can do it yourself. Even if you’re not ready to take a class!

1. Complete and Sign a Personal Information Update (PIU) form

2. Submit proof that you’ve worked under a Guild contract for at least 30 days during the past two years.

Types of acceptable proof include:

  • An employment verification letter from your employer or payroll company that includes your name, exact work dates, Local number (839), job classification, and Social Security number.
  • Copies of 8-weeks’ worth of pay stubs including actual work hours/dates (sick, vacation, holiday and travel time are not eligible), Local number (839) or code MPI code 21 or 49, and job classification. Pay stubs don’t need to be consecutive, they don’t even need to be from the same employer as long as they’re from union studios. More than one form of employment verification may be needed.

3. Email your documents to Contract Services.

  • Contract Services Non-Roster Desk is available to answer your questions.  Call (818) 565-0550 ext 1113.

2. Choose Your Training and Use The Correct Application

A.  Local 839 Provided Training – No Cost to Members

839 only   Application and list of classes

  • Local 839 has partnered with Eido-ed and the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art (LAAFA) to develop training programs specifically tailored for the crafts covered by our contracts.
  • Qualified members should register for the class they want by submitting the above-linked application to Eido. Eido will enroll you in the class you requested and forward your application form to Contract Services for approval.  You must receive approval from Contract Services before the class starts.

Multi-union (5-star)   Application and list of classes

  • Local 839 has partnered with Eido-ed and eight other unions to develop training programs that pertain to members of this multi-union group. More potential students means it’s less likely a class would be cancelled due to lack of interest.

B.  Vendor Provided Training – Pay in Advance, Get Partially Reimbursed

Classes offered by schools and other facilities can qualify as Job-Related Skills Training, too, as long as they’re relevant to our members’ occupations. The Animation Guild applies annually to include schools and specific classes they offer that are pertinent to our members, and which are reimbursed at two-thirds the cost of the class.

839 only

  • None in 2019-2020

Multi-union (5-star)   Application,  List of Approved Classes,  and Reimbursement Request Form

Qualified members should register with the vendor and pay full price for the class making sure the desired class is on the list of approved classes. Then Submit the application form to Contract Services for approval.  You must receive approval from Contract Services before the class starts.  Upon completion of the course, submit the Reimbursement Request Form along with a copy of your receipt and the Certificate Of Completion that you’ll receive from the school.  Allow 6 to 8 weeks for your reimbursement check.