Job-Related Skills Training

For members of The Animation Guild, there are numerous opportunities for free skills training. Below are the programs offered by the Guild, IATSE, and industry partners.


The Animation Guild offers free training courses funded by the Guild for our members. These courses are provided by our educational partners EIDO. Priority will be given to all new, active, or honorable withdrawal TAG members. You can learn more about the available courses here.

IATSE Training Trust Fund

Through the IATSE Training Trust Fund, active IATSE members and those working under IATSE agreements have unlimited access to the LinkedIn Learning online library with more than 15,000 expert-led online courses and video tutorials. To set up a free LinkedIn Learning account, download an application here. Email your completed application to You will receive a subscription request confirmation email followed by a welcome email containing a link to set up your LinkedIn Learning account. Learn more about IATSE’s LinkedIn program here.

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity (WIOA) Grant

Studio Arts provides up to 240 hours of funded training through the State of California WIOA. If you have been a W-2 employee who was dislocated (fired or laid off) from work, a Studio Arts course of up to eight classes may be available at no cost to you. You may apply even if you are collecting unemployment, and if you become employed while taking the training, you are permitted to finish the training program.

For more information, email Make sure to provide your name, phone number, and your Union affiliation—member of The Animation Guild, IATSE Local 839. You will be contacted with steps for how to proceed.


LAAFA offers a limited set of free on-demand video lessons available on

Contract Services

Our contracts require union employers to fund job-related training programs for eligible industry employees. This Training Trust Fund is controlled by Contract Services (CSATF). CSATF also administers the mandatory Harassment Prevention Training. You can learn more about CSATF and these training programs here

The Executive Board and Guild leadership are exploring other ways to provide partially or completely funded training opportunities at this time. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email them to We would appreciate your feedback.