2018 Negotiations Overview

We are pleased to announce that members have voted to ratify the 2018-2021 Animation Guild Master Agreement. Of the 1081 valid votes cast, there were 868 “yes” votes (80.2%) and 213 “no”votes (19.7%). There were 3695 eligible voters.

This three-year contract with employers represented by the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers makes significant improvements in coverage of productions made for streaming services, preserves health and pension benefits, and raises wage minimums in each year of the agreement. The increase in wage rates in the first year of the agreement will be retroactive to July 29, 2018. Unit rate increases in the agreement will take effect beginning Sunday October 28, 2018.

We believe this agreement makes substantial gains in key areas identified by the surveys, membership meetings and craft meetings that were held during negotiation preparations. We think this is a strong agreement and look forward to working with all members to continue to address cultural and economic issues that are not addressed by the language of this deal. This contract is a foundation, but there is much more work to do.

As a labor union, our strength comes from our members’ willingness to engage and act. Leading up to and during negotiations, we saw a significant increase in participation and member willingness to visibly support their union. While that had a strong effect, we want to encourage even greater involvement so together we may strive for even greater gains in the future. We want to thank the negotiating committee and all who participated in meetings, surveys and committee groups to research and formulate proposals. Member participation is integral to the health of the union – your participation made a difference this time. We hope to work together with all members to continue to build strength for the future.

In Solidarity,

Jason MacLeod, Business Representative

KC Johnson, President

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