Gallery 839

Artist Cristi Lyon exhibited her work in March 2020.

Gallery 839 is a nonprofit gallery featuring art by members of the Animation Guild, IATSE, Local 839. Artists on exhibit are tried-and-true in their fields of animation and visual art, offering a unique merging of the Union and fine art worlds.

At this small gem in Burbank, the artwork is diverse and eclectic. The Animation Guild’s first gallery opened in 1962, and its current Gallery 839 launched in 2010. Over the years exhibitions have included media such as pottery, ceramics, bronze, poly resin, paint, pencil, glasswork ,and more.

The gallery is home to individual and group shows, and artists receive 90% of the commission from their sales. Better yet, the work is affordable. At monthly openings, the public can enjoy art and refreshments while mingling with the artists behind today’s popular movies and TV shows, as well as animation industry legends.

Current Exhibit


Teri Hendrich C.: Venus in the 12th
Opening Reception: February 1, 2024, 5pm-8pm

Venus in the 12th is an exhibition of new work from Los Angeles-based painter Teri Hendrich C. Drawing inspiration from astrology, the Pre-Raphaelites, and her own birth chart, Hendrich vividly depicts a transformative narrative of her natal Venus, personified in human form, within the house of the unknown. In several of the works, monochromatic renderings of figures within imagined environments are juxtaposed with vibrant, abstract swooshes of color that travel from one scene onto the next. The exhibition consists of a dozen acrylic paintings, ten of which were initiated at an auspicious time under an astrological election. Per the artist, “Astrology is an ancient, symbol based language, and if you know how to speak it, you can create powerful stories with it. With this collection, I wanted to be in conversation not just with other artworks throughout history, but also with archetypal stories dating back to ancient Mesopotamia, that can be found within our skies.” 

Teri Hendrich C. is a graduate cum laude of ArtCenter College of Design and has honed her artistry and storytelling for the last 16 years by working as a Background Painter and Color Supervisor in animation. Venus in the 12th is the artist’s second solo show and her first time exhibiting at Gallery 839. Opening night will include a poetry reading followed by a book signing at 6pm. Please visit for more details.

In conjunction with the exhibition, a 52-page catalogue will be self-published by Teri Hendrich C. and available for purchase at the gallery.

Upcoming Exhibit

Group Show: LANDSCAPE: 4 Perspectives
Opening Reception: March 7, 2024, 5pm-8pm

Gallery 839 is pleased to present a group exhibition of traditional landscape painting featuring artists Alfredo Mercado, Patrick Kochakji, Bao Trinh, and Pete Michels. Each artist presents their unique vision on the landscape genre through various media including oil paint, watercolors, and gouache.

4 perspectives consists of natural and imagined interpretations on the genre through various methods such as plein-air and studio work. This group of artists draws inspiration from the landscapes and scenes of their local surrounding and their travels. The West, specifically California, is a major theme running through the work. The abundance of natural beauty that exists in this part of the country is featured, from the beaches, local hiking trails, and parks to the majestic scenes of the high Sierras. Architecture is also a source of inspiration, from small mom and pop storefronts to ordinary apartment buildings found throughout the city. 

Most of the work in this exhibit is small scale, and the paintings force the viewer to slow down and come in for a closer look at these intimate portraits of familiar scenes that perhaps they have encountered but probably overlooked. Join us for an exploration into each artist practice where every painting reveals a cherished memory, a contemplative moment, or a vista that inspired the creation of a work of art.