Gallery 839

Artist Cristi Lyon exhibited her work in March 2020.

Gallery 839 is a nonprofit gallery featuring art by members of the Animation Guild, IATSE, Local 839. Artists on exhibit are tried-and-true in their fields of animation and visual art, offering a unique merging of the Union and fine art worlds.

At this small gem in Burbank, the artwork is diverse and eclectic. The Animation Guild’s first gallery opened in 1962, and its current Gallery 839 launched in 2010. Over the years exhibitions have included media such as pottery, ceramics, bronze, poly resin, paint, pencil, glasswork ,and more.

The gallery is home to individual and group shows, and artists receive 100% of the commission from their sales. Better yet, the work is affordable. At monthly openings, the public can enjoy art and refreshments while mingling with the artists behind today’s popular movies and TV shows, as well as animation industry legends.

Current Exhibit

James Peay III: Heroes, Villains, Oh My!
Opening Reception: September 7, 2023, 5pm-8pm

The hero’s journey and the villain’s downfall—especially when portrayed through the comic and animation medium—have always been a love of James Peay III, and that is the core theme behind his artworks.

From superheroes and mythological figures to real-life vocal leaders, Peay brings them all into the world of comics and animation with a bold and illustrative style. Because he worked in various fields of the art industry, his work reflects a variety of techniques and artistic expressions.   

Virginia-born, New York-groomed, and California-living, James Peay III worked for 10+ years as a designer and illustrator in fashion, entertainment marketing, comics, and animation. He is currently at Warner Bros. Entertainment working on Teen Titans GO! as a Background Artist and Illustrator.  

Upcoming Exhibit

The Art of Daniel Abramovici
Opening Reception: October 5, 2023, 5pm-8pm

Step into the realm of the subconscious with a mesmerizing showcase that unveils the hidden corridors of imagination. Within this collection of paintings, a myriad of ethereal creatures comes to life, each canvas a spontaneous creation born of the moment. The process is a symphony of layering various media until shapes and compositions materialize, a dance of artistic spontaneity that gives birth to vivid realities.

Delving deeper, deliberate line work guides the eye through each piece, its fluidity mirroring the organic flow found in nature, unburdened by preconceptions. These works translate the vast spectrum of emotions, anxieties, and mental intricacies into an explosion of color and form. As you navigate this expressive journey, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world where the intangible finds concrete expression, where chaos metamorphoses into artistry.

Daniel Abramovici presently serves as a Co-Executive Producer/CG Supervisor at Nickelodeon Animation Studio, contributing to an upcoming animated series that has yet to be announced. During his tenure at 21st Century Fox Studios, Daniel demonstrated his expertise by overseeing the implementation of creative stereography across numerous films within the Ice Age franchise, as well as titles like Rio and The Peanuts Movie.

Over the past decade, Abramovici has excelled in leading teams dedicated to pioneering groundbreaking 3D experiences, spanning from feature films to immersive location-based installations. One of his notable achievements includes spearheading a team of artists responsible for designing 4D rides that have been embraced globally, expanding the reach of the Ice Age brand.

Abramovici played a pivotal role in conceptualizing a virtual production pipeline for Blue Sky Studios. Additionally, he engaged in prototyping virtual reality applications, a venture that culminated after his contributions to Walt Disney’s Spies in Disguise. Throughout his career, his innovative contributions have earned him several patents for the ingenious workflows and tools he developed, which have been integral to a diverse array of films.

Abramovici has taken center stage at prestigious conferences including SIGGRAPH, FMX in Germany, and the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in France, sharing his wealth of expertise and insights. Balancing his professional pursuits, he has also taken on the role of an adjunct Professor at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, guiding the next generation of artistic talent. His dedication to education extends to conducting workshops on Stereoscopic 360 filmmaking and storytelling. Previously, he served as a supervising compositor and visual effects artist on major films, collaborating directly with luminaries such as Charlie Kaufman and Jim Jarmusch. Beyond his contributions to the cinematic world, Abramovici is a prolific painter and illustrator, characterized by a distinctive aesthetic style. His works have been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Austin, and Toronto