401(k) Forms

This page is dedicated to providing the forms necessary in the administration and maintenance of TAG 401(k) accounts. For more general information on the TAG 401(k) Plan, visit the 401(k) section on the Benefits page.

The TAG 401(k) is separate from the Defined Benefit and Individual Account Pension plans. It is available to TAG members who have worked for at least 90 days at a signatory studio. It is a no match plan where a member can contribute 2% to 40% per paycheck, up to the annual cap set by the IRS each year.

The forms below are for Guild members wanting to sign up for the Animation Guild 401 (k) plan or for plan participants wishing to make changes to forms previously submitted.


These forms cannot be submitted electronically. They must be printed out and sent to the office indicated below or on the form.

Forms marked * should be submitted to:
Animation Guild 401(k) Plan
att: Marta Strohl-Rowand
1105 N. Hollywood Way
Burbank, CA 91505-2528
fax (818) 843-0300

All other forms should be submitted to:
The Vanguard Group

If you have questions about any of these forms, contact Marta Strohl-Rowand at (818) 845-7500 ext. 114. To avoid confusion, mistakes and delays, please do not submit a form until your questions about it have been answered.



Enrollment Packet

Everything you need to get started as a participant in the Animation Guild 401(k) Plan. This booklet includes the Enrollment Form*, Beneficiary Form* and Rollover Form (see below), and the investment fund reports.

Download PDF


Enrollment Form *

Enrollment form should be used to:
1) Enlist as a new participant
2) Change the percentage of contributions taken out of your paycheck (including reducing contributions to zero)
3) Change the designated employer authorized to make 401(k) deductions
NOTE: Vanguard will charge you a fee to use this form to change your investments. To avoid this fee, make your investment changes on the Vanguard website.

Download PDF


Beneficiary Form *(1 page)

Must be completed by all new Plan participants before contributions can be accepted. This form should only be used for first-time enrollments. To change beneficiaries (for example, in case of marriage, divorce, death of a beneficiary or birth of a child), use the Participant Information Change Form (below). This form is included in the Benefits Booklet (above).

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Rollover Form (2 pages)

To be used to transfer funds INTO the Animation Guild 401(k) Plan from a tax-deferred account (such as another 401k Plan). To transfer funds out of the Animation Guild 401(k) Plan, use the Distribution Form (below). This form is included in the Benefits Booklet (above).

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Summary Plan Description

A summary of the principle features and provisions of the Plan in plain language.

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To being distributions from the TAG 401(k) plan, first read the Instructions document to determine which form you should use. Then, download the appropriate form and follow the instructions within. These distribution forms are NOT FOR LOANS! If you’re interested in obtaining a loan against your 401(k) plan, email Marta Strohl-Rowand or call her at (818) 845-7500

Download Instructions PDF

Download Partial Distribution Form PDF

Download Close Account Form PDF


Fee Disclosure Notice

Information regarding the fees that will be charged to your account for administration of the plan. It is important to also review your quarterly account statement for disclosure of the dollar amount charged to your account for these services and a description of the services to which these fees relate..

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Paper Statement Opt-In Notice

Letter from Vanguard explaining the switch to online-only statements and outlining the opt-in procedure to receive the 401k statements via US Post.

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Investment Policy Statement

The Investment Policy Statement assists the Trustees of The Animation Guild 401(k) Plan in supervising, monitoring, and evaluating the investment alternatives of the Plan.

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