O-1 / O-2 Visa Advisory Opinions

The Animation Guild offers Advisory Opinions on O-1 and/or O-2 Immigration Visa applications for artists doing work in job categories we cover under our collective agreements.

Send Submissions To:

Please send the packet to visas@tag839.org. Electronic submissions are preferred. We can process electronic submissions faster.

Attn: Steve Kaplan, Business Representative
The Animation Guild
1105 N Hollywood Way
Burbank, CA  91505


There is a $350 fee payable to The Animation Guild for companies not signed to an Animation Guild or IATSE agreement. The Animation Guild does not charge fees for opinion requests from signed companies. This payment is accepted by wire transfer or by check. If you prefer to pay via wire transfer, please indicate so in your letter and we will provide the wire information.

Turn Around Time

Typical advisory opinion requests take five business days to complete, however processing may now take longer due to the health crisis.  We do not expedite.  Completed requests will be returned via e-mail and U.S. Postal Service to the requesting attorney.

Mandatory Advisory Opinion Documents

It is important that you include the following documents in your submission.  Submissions missing these documents will take longer to process or may be rejected.  Electronically submitted O-1 packets should not exceed more than 100 pages total.  Paper packets should not exceed 50 pages total.

  • Previous advisory opinions, if available
  • Signed I-129 Form
  • Signed Petitioner’s Letter to the USCIS on Company Letterhead
  • Signed Deal Memo and/or Contract
  • Itinerary of Engagements
  • Background (resume, letters of recommendation, credits, awards, articles, etc.)

We follow the criteria set forth by USCIS when evaluating evidence. The USCIS website describing O-1 and O-2 visas may be found here.


  • Contracts or documents for which we are not the appropriate organization – e.g., do not submit contracts or documents for print or runway models, live theater, conventions, radio or anything else that is not for artists doing work in job categories we cover under our collective agreements;
  • Contracts for past work;
  • Passport or visa copies, tax forms, SEC filings, etc.;
  • Illegible documents;
  • IMDBs about productions or other persons. Limit the IMDB to the beneficiary’s personal listing only;
  • Script treatments, press or synopsis of the upcoming production(s);
  • Press about past productions that do not specifically mention the beneficiary and the beneficiary’s skills (more than just a cast listing);
  • Press or bios about the petitioner or third parties such as other cast or crew. Limit press to the beneficiary only;
  • Red carpet photos, location photos, celebrity party photos, photos without an accompanying written article on the same page;
  • Headshots, glamour shots, fashion shots or portfolios;
  • Magazine covers. We want the story, do not include the cover;
  • Wikipedia printouts;
  • Tabloid or “gossip” press, “teen” press, press that does not highlight job skills;
  • Call sheets, pay sheets or cast lists;
  • YouTube, Vimeo or other website video screenshots or printouts;
  • Facebook, Twitter, any other social media;
  • Any “official” websites (beneficiary, petitioner or 3rd party);
  • Memberships, school records or diplomas;


Please feel free to email visas@tag839.org with any questions or concerns regarding your submission.  You can also call the Guild at (818) 845-7500 during normal business hours.