Workplace Issues

Are you dealing with an issue in the workplace and need to talk with someone about it? You can get help by filling out this form:


Your information will go to an Animation Guild Representative for review. Your Union reps are employed by TAG to ensure that the terms of our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) are enforced.

Does filling out this form mean you’re filing a grievance? No.

Filing a grievance is a formal process outlined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. If your employer violates a term of one of the Guild’s CBAs, a grievance may be filed. The grievance procedure is how the Guild challenges the way your studio or production company has misinterpreted the agreement and gets them to correct their mistake. Grievances are filed by the Guild’s Business Representative and legal counsel on your behalf.

Some submissions to this form may not be violations of the CBA, and some may be violations of state or federal laws. Union representatives will always reach out to you first to better understand the facts. Then they will reach out to the studio to try to settle the issue. In the case of state or federal law violations, if the studio refuses to rectify the problem, the Guild can help you file complaints with the proper authorities. Because of this, it’s important to begin with the Member Contract Questions Form so the Guild can determine the nature of your concern.

Please note: This form is for workplace issues and contract questions only. If you have questions about benefits, please visit our FAQsMPI Health Plans, Pension, and 401k web pages for more information or email