Looking for Work

Are you wrapping up a project without a new job lined up? Have you been laid off? These situations can be stressful. We have compiled a list of resources and actions you can take to help relieve financial burdens, connect with TAG kin, upgrade your skills, and more.

Make sure you’re signed up to receive job posts.
Are you receiving our job post emails? If not, sign up for TAG’s mailing list. Once you’ve signed up you can check your preferences to make sure you have opted in to job posts. You can also check recent job postings on our Job Listings page here.

Join the Discord server.
The Animation Guild Discord server has a #looking-for-job channel where you can share your availability. If you haven’t joined the Discord group, email us to get an invitation link.

Please keep in mind that while there is a TAG Discord channel, it is unofficial and voluntarily ran by TAG Members.  While members may share Guild-authorized information, this does not mean all information shared on Discord has been authorized. Any response received through these Discord channels is not authorized by the Guild. If you need an answer to a question, please email membership@tag839.org or visit FAQs for answers to commonly asked questions.

File for unemployment.
Visit California’s EDD website to begin processing your unemployment claim. If you have any questions regarding the job classifications, you can review the TAG information page and video

Consider putting your membership on honorable withdrawal.
While you are out of work, you have the option to put your membership on hold by taking an honorable withdrawal. Please note that going on honorable withdrawal can affect your opportunity to run for TAG office should you be interested in doing so. Send an email to membership@tag839.org to start the process or learn more on our FAQ page.

Know your dismissal pay rights.
Depending on the length of time you’ve worked at the company, you may be entitled to dismissal pay. Learn more about what you can expect on our Dismissal Pay page.

Sharpen your skills.
While you’re looking for work, consider sharpening your skills by taking advantage of free training opportunities.
Visit our Job-Related Skills Training page for more details.

Learn to negotiate your deal memo.
When a new job comes along, get prepared to negotiate the best deal possible. Start by reading this article to learn a few tips used by pros.