Artwork & Branding Guidelines


Before beginning to work on any artwork for communications on behalf of TAG, please submit your concept and content using the Approval Form.

Once your concept and content is approved, please follow these guidelines:

  • TAG cannot use any material that violates intellectual property rights and/or is unlawful, abusive, defamatory, and/or invasive of another person’s privacy. For example: copyrighted music, photos pulled without permission from the Internet, or YouTube videos posted by a person who does not own the content.
  • If you send artwork in PDF, JPG, or PNG, please also send separately any links included in the graphics so that TAG can use them when it shares the communication with members.

Original artwork

  • If original artwork in a graphic is designed by a TAG member, please provide the credit.


  • If artwork contains photos of individuals, you must have permission from those individuals to include them. Please send the Communications Department and email at confirming you have received permission from the individuals.
  • If you are including a group shot of more than eight (8) people, please confirm that you received verbal agreement to post the photo publicly at the time the photo was taken. 
  • Generally, photos with more than four (4) people do not include names in the caption. For photos of four (4) people or fewer, please identity each person.
  • For artwork that contains photos, please provide a photo credit.


TAG Name

The following are approved usages of The Animation Guild name:

* The word “The” should always precede “Animation Guild.”

  • The Animation Guild, IATSE Local 839 (with or without comma)
  • The Animation Guild, Local 839 (with or without comma)
  • The Animation Guild
  • TAG
  • When referencing TAG, Guild and Union are always capitalized.

TAG Logo

The use of the TAG logo on social media posts, flyers, and other materials must be approved by the Communications Department. The purpose of this is to track and monitor the usages of the TAG trademark. This enables TAG to keep a record of where it is being used and also to ensure its use endorses organizations, individuals, and events that have been approved by TAG. This is especially important to ensure the TAG logo is not being used to affiliate with or endorse a non-signatory project.