Candidate Statements 2022

Bradley Rader

I’m a 38 year survivor of the Animation/Entertainment industry, mostly as a storyboard artist, but also as a director, a sheet timer, a character and background designer, including an eight year stint on Bob’s Burger. Since I left that series in 2017, I’ve had difficulty getting work, and have heard from many other experienced, qualified workers in a similar situation. This led me to help form the TAG Experienced Workers Committee, the aim of which is to help foster an industry culture where age and experience is considered to be an asset.

Madison Bateman

I am running for the Executive Board to work toward our collective betterment. I am a writer, co-chair of the Writers’ Craft Committee, and a member of this year’s Negotiations Committee. I am an advocate for writers, and a supporter of covering all animation under one banner. I believe that a Union is not something you passively belong to, but a community that achieves power through the participation of its membership. WE are the Union, and I believe that together we can become a force for the studios to reckon with.


Llyn Hunter

Hi there. I have been a storyboard artist and member of this union for 30 years. I was a large part of organizing Adelaide/Sony in the 90’s, have advocated pay for testing, and was one of the members who initiated TAG Tuesday.  I wish to help improve the union’s abilities to assist unemployed members find work and develop additional ways to make everyone better aware of resources, rights and possibilities that the union has to offer.


Roger Oda

We must be more than the ideas we are against. We can only advance when we stand for things. We find out what these things are through our mutual understanding with each other, how we see ourselves right now. I believe building community is key to creating positive change. I am a Co-Chair of the People of Color Committee, a shop steward at Marvel Animation, a D2 convention delegate, and a part of the recent Master agreement Negotiation Committee. I want to help build our community, our Guild, as a member of the Executive Board.


Carrie Liao

It’s been a privilege serving on your Executive Board for the current term. These past few years have seen this Guild grow in astonishing ways. It’s inspiring, and I’m honored to have been a very small part of that. But the work never stops. The fight for our members is a continual one, but I look forward with confidence after seeing our membership’s incredible passion and drive. Our members care. I care. That is why I am running again. Whether re-elected or not, I will continue doing the same: serve the Guild and its members in any capacity I can.


Brandon Jarratt

Howdy! I have worked for ten years as a general TD at Disney Animation. I have served on the E-board, as a shop steward, and Negotiations Committee member during the past term. TAG has grown in many ways over the last three years. Pandemic-driven challenges have shifted the way we work. Our value as workers has never been greater. We are on the cusp of making history and taking TAG national. I am committed to seeing this work through by organizing more animation workers and preparing TAG for the 2024 fight to make the contract gains we deserve.


Alex Quintas

I am the current Co-Chair for the QueerTAG Committee and a co-lead of TAG Member Engagement. I believe that in order to ensure our success as a union, we must unite, organize and embrace the diversity of our members. Our union should be a reflection of the real world and all the amazing voices out there. My committee work has demonstrated that there is an outlet for marginalized voices if we organize and stand together. To ignore them is to shut out innovation and to become obsolete. If you feel the same, vote for me.


Mairghread Scott

I’m the chair of the Writers’ Craft Committee and a Negotiations Committee leader. This is what I know to be true:

        • Animation is global. We must continue to expand inside and outside of Los Angeles.
        • Production workers are the eyes and ears of animation. Organizing them helps everyone.
        • The line between mediums is thinning. Organizing in video games helps members achieve career-long stability.
        • Increasing paid staff is crucial for TAG success.

EVERYONE in TAG deserves better wages and working conditions. But only a powerful union can achieve that. I want to build that union. I’d appreciate your vote.


Candice Stephenson

Solidarity is the most powerful tool we have to improve labor rights issues in animation. I’m Candice: a Lead Look Development Artist at Nickelodeon. I’ve served as an active member of the Guild for years: previous E-Board member, Shop Steward, Negotiating Committee member, and as Chair of the CG Committee. Organizing our shop has made an immense difference to the people on our shows, and I’m committed to extending those benefits and protections to as many people as possible by: 

        • Organizing non-union shops and fields 
        • Continuing the fight in Contract Negotiations
        • Providing resources to help members achieve healthy, stable careers.


Ashley Long

As a Supervising Director I have a window into the concerns of each department, pushing my employer to do better for my hardworking peers. Monitoring studio adherence to contract is key, and creating a culture of mutual respect, accountability, communication, and reasonable hours should be fostered from the top down. During my previous term on the Executive Board, I successfully lobbied to correct a storyboard job category error, resulting in higher wages and pension contributions. I created the TAG Holiday Market, attended 2018 Negotiations, and brought in guest speakers addressing female representation in media, workplace harassment, and networking for introverts. 


Mira Lark Crowell

Greetings! Those who know me, know that I am passionate about helping others and standing up for what’s right—this is one of the many reasons I became a shop steward in 2020. Since, I’ve learned an immense amount about how our guild operates and what our members need, and I am ready to take the next step. I believe in the power of this union and I want to continue to serve you all. If elected to the Executive Board, I will do everything I can to continue to listen, learn, and stand up for what our members deserve.


Erica Gallman Smith

My career started outside of LA and I’ve now been here for 4 years. I am running to help nationalize our union, gain parity for all crafts, and fight for the needs of people of every shape, age, and orientation. Over the past two years I’ve served on the Negotiations Committee, as a Shop Steward, Co-Chair of the Testing Committee, member of others (QT, Design, Color, YW, and TAG ME), and attended District 2 Conventions, but I want to do more. No matter the outcome of this election, and though change is slow, I will always support my union kin.


Tyler White

Equality and justice will be my guiding tenants as an E-board member.  I would push for ideas that make our union stronger: organizing, membership engagement, diversity, accountability, and accessibility. As a Pipeline Technical Director, my job is to program but my main duty is to listen and empathize; I would approach this position in the same way. Within our union, I have dedicated time to being a shop steward, founder and co-chair of the Technical Director Committee, a member of QueerTAG committee, and outreach through phone and text banking for TAG Membership Engagement. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Melissa Graziano-Humphrey

Thank you for Ashley for nominating me and for all of those who sent me messages of support after I accepted my nomination. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, I am unable to fully commit to a position on the Executive Board at this time. I cannot officially withdraw from the race, but I can respectfully request that your vote be cast for those candidates who are better prepared to commit themselves and their time to the Guild. I hope to run properly in the future, when I am in a better position to serve my fellow Guild members. Thank you for your time.

Melissa Graziano-Humphrey has withdrawn her Executive Board candidacy; however, her name will remain on the ballot.


Marissa Bernstel

Hello fellow Guild members! I’m Marissa Bernstel and I’m honored to run for E-board this year. Here are some key points about me:

        • I’m a Storyboard artist and craft representative.
        • I come from the games industry and do not take our union’s protection for granted.
        • I want to push for permanent remote options for union members nationwide, keep up our record member engagement, fight hard against job creep for all struggling crafts, and advocate for games and VFX artists joining TAG so they get the worker’s rights they deserve, while expanding our Guild opportunities to the games and VFX world.


Pete Michels

I have worked in BG and Character Layout, Timing, and Storyboards before becoming a Director. I’ll never forget those who helped me on my journey. Now it’s my turn to give back. As Supervising Director, I work with artists in every aspect of production, understanding the distinct concerns of each. I strive to make a difference by listening. Excessive testing, wage protections and job classifications are some of the challenges we face as the industry grows. I’ve served as a D2 Delegate, created the Education and Training Committee,  and wish to continue giving back by serving on the E-Board.


Justin Weber

I am a shop steward at Walt Disney Animation Studios, a member of the WDAS Tactical Action Committee, and am serving on the TSL Negotiations Committee. The way to achieve better working conditions from our employers is to have as many TAG members as possible actively engaged with the union and strike-ready. This means providing support to the Member Engagement committee to build a strong base of volunteers, as well as ensuring that we have a healthy strike fund. As an Executive Board member, I would support continuing to focus our union’s resources on these efforts.


Please note: Candidate statements have been presented in nomination order, and candidates were limited to a 100 word count.