WIA + TAG Celebrate Dads – Michael Smidi Smith

How has working from home changed your experience of being a parent?

Working at home has been a unique experience. I have three young kids. My wife does 99 percent of the heavy lifting with their new home school reality. I set up my portable writing studio in the family room at the house. My 4-year-old daughter will sit next to me with her hand on my arm for hours while I am writing. I don’t hate it. It has had a nice, calming effect on me. After I finish she will run around the house singing the songs that I was working on irritating her older brothers. Pretty much the cutest thing ever. 

For more critical compositional work I wait until the kids are in bed and work into the night. It is a strange time, but my family has never been closer.  I like being home and having time with my kids every couple of hours. I can work on a track, then run outside and play hockey, come back and work a bit more, then take a walk to the beach. I think that when this is all over we will all forget the fear and look back with a feeling of fondness. I know that I will never work the same way again.