Executive Board Roles & Duties

Wondering what Executive Board members and officers do aside from attending all General Membership and Executive Board meetings? Here, we break down their responsibilities to give you a better understanding of each role. Please note: These are only the Constitutional duties, and oftentimes Executive Board members and officers take on additional leadership responsibilities.


  • Presides over General Membership Meetings and Executive Board Meetings 
  • Ensures Constitution and By-Laws are followed during all meetings
  • Does not make motions, participate in debate, or vote, but can vote as a tie breaker
  • Issues fair and equitable decisions if there is no specific rule or law associated with a specific matter
  • Member ex officio of all committees and has the authority to create committees and name the chairs
  • Must attend all Board of Trustee meetings
  • Enforces the rules of the Guild
  • Can be called upon to sign checks and membership applications 

Vice President

  • Supports the President in their duties
  • Takes on the duties and role of the President if the President is not available

Recording Secretary

  • Attends all meetings and takes minutes
  • Helps facilitate nominations for elections
  • Can be called upon to sign checks and membership applications 

Business Rep 

  • Full time employee and cannot hold any other job under the jurisdiction of The Animation Guild, Local 839 
  • Supervises the business affairs of the Guild, and oversees office staff
  • Has the power to vote at all Local meetings
  • Member ex officio of all committees
  • Chairman ex officio of all Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiation committees, and serves as lead negotiator 
  • Represents members in their relations with employers, enforces contract terms, and holds employers accountable 
  • Enforces collection of dues and fees
  • Enforces the Guild Constitution, By-Laws, and IATSE regulations
  • Oversees all records held by the Guild
  • Can be called upon to sign checks and membership applications
  • Refers all grievances, complaints, disagreements and disputes arising between members, or between members and their employer, to the Executive Board


  • Ensures only TAG members and invited guests are allowed at meetings
  • Helps keep order during meetings

Executive Board members

  • General supervision of all affairs of the Local, giving the Board the final leadership decision for all matters
  • Interpret laws and regulations and are responsible for the enforcement of the Constitution and By-Laws
  • Decide on matters brought to them 
  • Investigate complaints referred to them by the Business Representative or members
  • Can waive its power and refer matters to the General Membership

Board of Trustees

(Top three Executive Board members who received the greatest number of votes)

  • Reviews the Guild’s financial records bi-annually and presents their findings at the General Membership Meeting