TAG Supports VFX and Games

Many of our colleagues working in VFX and Gaming do not enjoy basic protections offered in our Collective Bargaining Agreement, such as paid overtime, wage minimums, high quality healthcare, and much more. Have you worked in the VFX and Gaming industries? Or do you have friends and colleagues who have? We need your help to support organizing efforts in the industry.

A few facts about VFX and Games

  • As the VFX sector grows at a rapid pace, studios and Hollywood in general are increasing reliance on VFX.
  • Increasingly gaming studios are producing animated content for TV shows and films.
  • Common backgrounds, skill sets, and in many cases, shared employers, expose even more the contrast between working Union as a TAG member and operating without a collective bargaining agreement in VFX or Games.
  • Many VFX workers are employed by third-party vendors, and there is a well-documented “race to the bottom” among VFX vendors, competing with each other by driving down labor costs in order to acquire these contracts.
  • Effects data wranglers, on-set supervisors, photographers, coordinators, and production assistants work directly for studios that hire IATSE members in every other craft.
  • VFX is adjacent to both live action and animation, making it a unique space for TAG and other IATSE members to provide critical support.