Wage Survey 2016

The time has come to process our annual wage survey. This survey is our way of checking to see where rates of pay have been over the last year, and report that to you for your use during your wage negotiations with your employers.

This survey is for Animation Guild members only. In order to submit the survey, you have to provide your name, your email address and the last four numbers of your Social Security number. This information will only be used to ensure that all submissions are from members and to protect against duplicate submissions. No respondents names will be attached or associated with any data in the final tally. Any submissions from non-members will not be counted in the final tally.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that ALL MEMBERS participate in this survey!!

Writers, artists and technicians, both in traditional animation and CG, whether employed or unemployed, should participate to give us the most accurate possible statistics of wages in the industry. Low participation results in inaccurate or misleading results. We’re interested in hearing from you whether you’re earning more, less or the same than you did in the past.

We are making the survey forms available on-line to help increase the survey participation by the membership by making it easier to submit the forms. TAG members will also be receiving the forms in the mail. Members should only submit their information once, either here or by returning the forms in the pre-paid envelope included in the package.

This is information that the producers already have at their disposal. By participating in this survey, you allow yourself and your fellow Guild members to negotiate with employers on equal footing.


If your most recent employment was salaried, fill out the questionnaire on this page:

TAG Wage Survey – Salaried Positions

If your most recent employment was freelance, fill out the questionnaire on this page:

TAG Wage Survey – Freelance Positions