Social Media Guidelines

Official TAG Social Media

The Animation Guild has official social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and X (formerly Twitter). Everything posted on these accounts is authorized by TAG. Posts on these accounts are used to share TAG news, communicate organizing efforts, share resources, engage members, and otherwise promote and represent TAG.

TAG members may submit requests for posts. To do this, use the Approval Form. Examples of member-submitted posts include TAG Tuesday photos, committee or union-related events, resources, and more.

When submitting a request, please note that the TAG Communications Department maintains a social media schedule, so advance notice is appreciated. (TAG Tuesday photos are an exception, as they are usually taken on the day they are posted.)

Following are best practices for submitting your social media request:  

  • Remember that all social media content and graphics featuring the TAG logo must be approved by the Communications Department. We recommend sharing your concept for approval first before spending time creating a final graphic that may need to be edited.
  • TAG social media channels are the voice of the Guild, and approved posts will represent TAG. All statements must be true, and all claims must be substantiated.
  • TAG cannot use any material that violates intellectual property rights and/or is unlawful, abusive, defamatory, and/or invasive of another person’s privacy. For example: copyrighted music, photos from the Internet, or YouTube videos posted by a person who does not own the content.

All comments on official TAG social media channels are monitored and moderated by the Communications Department. Posts that violate TAG’s Digital Citizenship guidelines will be removed with a message explaining why.

TAG Member Social Media Accounts

While your social media accounts are for your personal views, please keep in mind that when you write about the Guild, as a TAG member you can be seen as representing the Guild. We ask that you be courteous and consider TAG’s Digital Citizenship guidelines when posting about TAG and your fellow TAG members.

Social Media During TAG Elections

During elections for TAG’s Executive Board, no TAG candidate names should appear in official TAG social media posts or in the comments section. Candidates are not allowed to comment on TAG posts during this time.

If TAG social media follows any members running for office, TAG must unfollow those members during the election season.