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Another Successful Portfolio Review Day

Kim Fay / July 31, 2023

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Once again TAG volunteers stepped up to make our 5th Annual Portfolio Review Day a huge success. Originally an in-person event, it has been virtual since the start of the pandemic, but that didn’t slow things down. With 559 submissions, more than 90 TAG volunteers gave a total of 370 reviews.

“The Portfolio Review is a fantastic event. It is run very smoothly by Crystal [Kan] and the POCC, and impressively is able to get reviews to hundreds of animation hopefuls,” says TAG Board Member Candice Stephenson. “I remember how difficult it was getting into the industry and getting feedback directly from working artists and supervisors, and that’s one of the reasons I love volunteering for this event. I love how accessible it is: you don’t have to be going to specific schools or conventions, and it doesn’t cost anything. I’m really glad the Guild does this to help support and guide future animation workers no matter where they are coming from.”

We want to extend a giant thank-you to our talented TAG members for sharing their time and expertise, and to Crystal Kan, Jake Hollander, and Janae Hall for organizing this important opportunity for our next generation of animators.


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