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Monthly Archives: January 2023

New Year, New Laws

Alexandra Drosu / January 30, 2023

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Field Rep and Political Coordinator Leslie Simmons breaks down new laws that took effect in 2023. With the dawn of 2023, several new worker-friendly laws in California went into effect. Although some may not directly affect TAG members, they are laws that labor unions endorsed and lobbied to pass, and it’s important to share in…

Afternoon of Remembrance

Alexandra Drosu / January 18, 2023

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On Sunday, February 26th at noon, the animation community in LA will come together at the Animation Guild in Burbank for our annual Afternoon of Remembrance. A non-denominational service where we remember, laugh, cry, and share stories, as we say one more goodbye to all our friends who left us in 2022. We will be celebrating…

Executive Board Members Honor Martin Luther King Jr.’s Legacy

Alexandra Drosu / January 17, 2023

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On Saturday, Jan. 14, the LA Federation of Labor brought together people from all of the Los Angeles labor unions to celebrate the life and teachings of Martin Luther King, Jr. at a breakfast event. Guest speakers include labor leaders, faith leaders and elected leaders, and all were united in reminding attendees that all labor…

Looking back at 2022

Alexandra Drosu / January 9, 2023

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As we look back on TAG in 2022, the words “first,” “historic,” and “unprecedented” occur often. TAG grew in L.A. TAG grew across the country. TAG members are more active than ever before. Read about some highlights from a truly successful year. JANUARY TAG hit the ground running in 2022. For the first time since…