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Fitness Club Discounts

Kim Fay / December 12, 2022

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TAG’s MPI health insurance plans offer numerous wellness benefits. For those with Anthem BlueCross, Kaiser Permanente, and Health Net, members are eligible for Active&Fit which offers $25/month or significantly discounted rates for gyms and fitness clubs.

The process to join a gym is different for each provider. To find out what gyms and fitness clubs are offered, log into your account on your health insurance portal. For example, if you have Anthem BlueCross:

  • Log into your account
  • Click on “Care”
  • Click on “Discounts”
  • Click on “Active&Fit”
  • Enter your zip code

You will see 2 options:

  • Standard: $25/month + tax
  • Premium: 20%-70% discount off monthly rate

Click on a gym. You will see information such as amenities, class schedule, and photos. You will also find details about pricing. For example, the $25/month + tax memberships require a $25 initiation fee and first and last month fees. There is no contract, and you can stop your membership at any time.

For TAG members on location, you can also choose a second gym membership in that location while you are away. Contact Brenda Weiner at to find out more about this benefit or if you have any other questions about additional wellness benefits. 

If you don’t see a gym you’re interested in on the list, you can click “Nominate a Fitness Center” on the bottom of the page with the list of gyms. You can also let the owner of the gym know about the program, and they can apply, as well.

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