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Fourth of July: Know your overtime rights!

Alexandra Drosu / June 29, 2020

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Hello TAG Members,

I hope this message finds you healthy and safe. I hope you are holding up well through this difficult time. 

I wanted to reach out to you before the holiday weekend to refresh the conversation about holidays and the adjustment of your production schedule. At times, productions try to squeeze in 40 hours of work into 32 hours and we want to make sure you are aware of your rights.

In the last three negotiations of our master collective agreement, the negotiation committee proposed that the producers adjust production schedules to recognize that holidays that fall during the workweek shorten the number of straight-time hours available to work. In the last negotiations, we agreed to have a bulletin written into the Memorandum of Agreement encouraging employers to allow the holiday to be a day off, and reminding them that any time worked on a holiday is to be paid at double the straight-time rate. 

You can review the 2018 Memorandum of Agreement at this link:

I have received messages from members who are concerned that their shows and producers are pushing for a full-week’s workload to be completed before the 4th of July holiday this Friday (as the 4th falls on Saturday, the agreement states the holiday is given to you on Friday). If you receive such notice, please feel free to share the link to the memorandum pointing to item eleven on page nine, and remind your employer that any time worked over eight hours in a day and forty hours in a week, for people working under the daily or weekly employment provisions and not working “On Call”, is subject to overtime. Working more than eight hours a day will be paid overtime rates (1.5 x the hourly rate), while work done on a contract holiday will be paid at double the rate.

I have reached out to Carol Lombardini and asked her to share the bulletin with the producers again this week to refresh our concerns in their minds, as well as remind them of their obligations under the agreement. 

As always, I am available to answer any questions or concerns you have on this matter. I am also willing to help deliver this message to your employer if you would like the assistance and support. Please email me at to start a conversation about your show and situation. 

Please stay healthy and safe. I hope you all are able to enjoy the holiday weekend. 

In solidarity,
Steve Kaplan

Business Representative

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