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IATSE Member Census

Kim Fay / August 28, 2023

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To date 37% of TAG’s membership have taken the IATSE Member Census. Please help us reach our goal of 100% member participation. It takes just 10 minutes, and your anonymous answers to job and demographic questions will show our Union kin that TAG members take the future of our Union seriously.  

How do I take the IATSE Member Census?

On July 10th every eligible TAG member should have received an email from Cornell University’s Director of Worker Rights and Equity, Anne Marie Brady, from This email contained a unique personalized URL link to take the census.

If you did not receive this email, you can go to the Cornell Member Census website and use the general link to take the 2023 Member Census. You will be asked to verify yourself on the link.

What is the IATSE Member Census?

Conducted by The Worker Institute at Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR), the IATSE Member Census is to count and understand the IATSE membership. Census questions include age, gender, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, disability, education, income, insurance, etc. To also understand the membership by areas, there will be questions such as local number, zip code/postal code, work sector, work classification, years with the union, etc.

Why is the IATSE Member Census important?

This census is a critical initiative to gain accurate, anonymous, aggregated, and up-to-date statistics regarding the IATSE membership across the United States and Canada. The insights gained from the Member Census will be used to empower IATSE to better advocate for our members’ rights and interests, and to ensure that future actions and strategies reflect the union’s membership.

How can the IATSE Member Census affect TAG members?

For example, collecting demographic information on race and ethnicity is crucial to help TAG ensure that studios are actively adhering to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives. By gathering this data, we can better monitor progress in fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, promoting fair representation, and identifying areas that require improvement. This information serves as a tool so the Union can make informed decisions to address any disparities.

It’s important to note that this data is collected for internal purposes, enabling the Union to cultivate a more equitable and diverse creative industry. However, you are not required to answer any of these questions should you feel uncomfortable doing so.

Is the IATSE Member Census anonymous?

Yes. Your participation in the Member Census is strictly confidential. The Worker Institute at Cornell University’s School of Industrial Labor Relations (ILR) will store Member Census responses on their secure servers. Your information is encrypted and analyzed by Cornell University’s Worker Institute, a neutral third-party team. 

What if I have questions about the IATSE Member Census?

Contact the Cornell University ILR School Research Director for Worker Rights and Equity, Anne Marie Brady, via the contact form here.

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