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Know Your Worth: Wage Survey FAQs

Alexandra Drosu / March 31, 2021

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Employers are at their strongest when information about wages is kept secret. After all, if you don’t know how much your colleagues are making, how can you know if you’re getting a fair rate?

By completing the anonymous, confidential wage survey, you and your fellow Guild members will be able to know what the job market actually looks like. Whether you’re an animator, model designer, writer, technical director, or anything in between, your input is vital to our collective success. It also allows the Animation Guild to look at wage differences based on race, gender, and age. 

Your voice counts so take a moment and fill out the survey!

I didn’t get the wage survey. What should I do?
We are getting reports that many people received the wage survey in their spam folders. You can also do a search for “animation survey” or sender “” in your email to find it. If you use Gmail, check your Promotion tab for the survey. If you still didn’t receive the survey, email

I’m a little confused. I get paid hourly. Should I select Daily or Weekly?
If you are employed full-time and you get paid by the hour, you should select Weekly. If you are doing freelance work and getting paid as a Daily hire, select Daily and multiply your hourly rate by 8 hours.

Should I enter my pay before or after taxes?
Please enter your gross salary before taxes have been levied.

How do I know if I am On-call or Salary?
If you’re employed full-time and you get paid a flat weekly rate for 56 hours, no matter how many hours you work, you should select On-call/Salary. For more details on On-call or Salary, visit If you worked through the On-call language, you should not indicate that overtime was built into your salary. Only share your weekly rate and leave the other fields blank.

What does built-in overtime mean?
If your employer guarantees you “built-in overtime” in your weekly pay per your deal memo, please note it. For example, DreamWorks and Walt Disney Animation Studios sometime guarantee a 40 + 5 OT weekly pay. On the other hand, if you usually enter 40 hours on your weekly time card, click “No.”

I work at Wild Canary, and it’s asking me to insert the name of the studio multiple times. What should I do?
Unfortunately, there is a technical issue with Wild Canary in the dropdown menu. Instead of clicking on the studio name, please enter the name of the studio under Other.

What if I can’t find my job title on the list?
Please scroll to the bottom of the list and enter it under Other.

Where can I find my job code?
In some cases, you’ll find your job code on your pay stubs or in your deal memo. If you don’t know it, don’t worry. Just skip the question and continue with the survey.

How should I input unit rates? Page rate? Project rate?
We know that unit rates can be tricky to calculate. As long as you explain how you are calculating your rates, we will review the information and apply it to the survey data.

Already Participated?
We sent out unique survey links to all the members through the SogoSurvey application. Please do not use a link shared with you from someone else. If you have trouble accessing the survey, please email us at

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