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MPI Expands MP3 Primary Care Network

Kim Fay / December 4, 2023

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The Motion Picture Industry Health Plan (MPI) has expanded its Motion Picture Preferred Provider (MP3) primary care network. This means TAG members (Participants) have more options when it comes to selecting an in-network primary care provider.

This expansion of providers is for those Participants who receive their MPI medical coverage through Anthem Blue Cross PPO. They can now take advantage of lower out-of-pocket expenses available through the MP3 network. This network offers access to more than 300 primary care providers in 30 locations throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties. 

Access to in-network primary care providers now includes:

  1. Providence Medical Associates
  2. Facey Medical Group
  3. Saint John’s Physician Providers

Following are the benefits of this expanded network:

  • Participants will only be required to pay a $5 co-payment and no coinsurance for all primary care visits and specialty visits with a referral. 
  • The added primary care providers will be able to treat Participants and their dependents for acute medical issues, manage chronic medical problems, provide preventative care and cancer screening, perform comprehensive physical exams (CPEs), and make referrals to any MP3 specialists, including UCLA specialists, as needed. 

MPI’s website provides a comprehensive list of providers that are included in the expanded MP3 network. While these newly added MP3 primary care options are now available, Participants may still seek MP3 primary care services at the five legacy UCLA-MPTF Health Centers located throughout Los Angeles County.

MP3 Primary Care Clinics

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