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WGA Solidarity

Kim Fay / June 28, 2023

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On June 27, TAG member activists coordinated another show of support for WGA writers in front of Disney. 

“The picket line meet-ups started with a simple idea I had after joining the strike lines early on,” says TAG member Janis Robertson. “I got some info at a Town Hall, bounced my idea off Joey Clift, and then … more people jumped in, all working together to figure out the pieces. You can see the results. I’m continually floored by how TAG shows up. We’re passionate, we’re loud, and we have fun. It’s an exciting time to be part of all this. I really believe we’re watching history happen. We’re making history happen.”

Check out these photos of TAG members in solidarity with WGA writers.


Many thanks to Kelly Larkin, Brett Noll, Kristin Donner, and Leslie Simmons for these inspiring photos.


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