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Volunteers Needed! Learn how to make a face mask.

Alexandra Drosu / March 27, 2020

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Several IATSE Locals have banded together to help our healthcare professionals on the front lines of fighting the coronavirus refresh their dwindling supplies of protective gear. They are passing out kits to make face masks if you do not have materials at home. Check the flyer for dates and times. But you also may want to make your own to protect your family. Here’s what you can do to support their efforts!

These additional notes go to the videos below. Click on each link to access the video.

Pattern notes from Dorothy Bulac Eriksen and Marilyn Madsen

Tips and things to note that are different from the video: 

  • Disregard the centimeter measurements. Use the patterns instead, which are in inch increments. 
  • You can print the patterns on cardstock, print on copy paper then staple onto manila folders and cut out, or use the cut-out copy paper as is. It’s your preference! 
  • No need to overlock the lining edges, as we are making ours in jersey. 
  • Note the direction of your jersey’s “Most Stretch” and align it to the direction noted in the pattern. 
  • Seam allowances are included, and they are 1/4”. No need to trim away any excess. 
  • Use a twist tie for the wire. 
  • A ‘Frixion’ brand pen is great for marking the tuck notches after you’ve turned it right side out. The quick heat of an iron will erase them once you’re done. 


More ways to help!

  1. Pick up a mask making kit at the PPE pick up and drop off at 3919 W. Magnolia every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  2. Request mask kits to be delivered to you by emailing
  3. Visit MPC 705 or CDG 892 to download patterns, make masks using your own supplies and drop off during PPE pick up and drop off times.
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