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Announcing the TAG Timing Committee

Alexandra Drosu / March 15, 2021

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The Timing Group has now officially been approved to become the TAG Timing Committee! The Timing Committee’s goals are to maintain dialogue among animation timing directors, monitor industry working conditions, facilitate networking opportunities, maintain outreach in cooperation with other Union Classifications, and heighten awareness and visibility of our invaluable contribution to animation productions.  The Timing Committee is presently preparing for the 2021 Negotiations with the AMPTP which will take place in mid-May.

TAG timing professionals, we need your help to spread the word about the essential role we play in making good shows, and in building the best possible case for the deal we deserve in 2021. And we want everyone’s help to gather reliable data from their own work to make sure producers understand how long it takes to do this important work right. Interested timing professionals are invited to contact us on [the unofficial, volunteer member-ran] Discord and at

—Christine Smith Ishimine and Ray Kosarin, co-chairs, TAG Timing Committee

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