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Gallery 839 Launches Superhero Project Show

Alexandra Drosu / April 8, 2024

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About a dozen TAG members who participated in the project attended the opening. Shown here with superheroes from The Ronald McDonald House.

As a volunteer program specialist and cabin counselor at Camp Sunrise, an Ohio camp for children impacted by HIV/AIDs, Lisa Kollins thought it would be fun to ask the kids what they would look like and how they would make the world better as superheroes. This homegrown idea that started in 2017 is now known as The Superhero Project and has served more than 1,500 children with disabilities or impacted by illness by visually representing their strength, courage, creativity, and resilience. 

Recently, The Animation Guild partnered with The Superhero Project to create posters for youth from Ronald McDonald House Pasadena, Gigi’s Playhouse in Orange County, and other organizations around the U.S. and U.K. These superhero depictions are based on interviews with kids and teens impacted by illnesses and disabilities about who they are beyond their diagnosis and how they want to make a positive difference in the world—their superhero mission. 

The exhibition of superhero posters debuted last Thursday, Apr. 4, with more than a dozen TAG artists in attendance to celebrate this heartwarming collaboration. Several children from The Ronald McDonald House attended the event and a couple lucky ones were thrilled to meet the artists who contributed to their transformations.

TAG member Kelsey Wooley and Gloria met at the opening of Gallery 839’s The Superhero Project show.

“After hearing the inspiring messages and goals of the Superhero Project, I really wanted to have a chance to be part of it,” says TAG member Kelsey Wooley. “Meeting with Gloria, the girl who I drew the superhero poster for, at the gallery was an amazing experience. There’s no greater feeling than seeing how happy both Gloria and her mother were at seeing Gloria drawn as the superhero Gloria Super Poderosa. Gloria and her mother are both incredible and kind people and I’m so grateful to have gotten a chance to meet them.”

Gloria’s mother was equally grateful for the creation and expressed her thanks. “I am very grateful for the work you’ve done for my daughter,” she says. “The truth is, my daughter was very happy with everything. I feel very moved to see how the posters motivate our children to move forward and give us strength as a mother to continue being Super Moms. Thank you so much.”

The exhibit will be open to TAG members and the public through the end of the month.


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