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The Animation Guild Master Agreement Signatories

Alexandra Drosu / October 12, 2021

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The Animation Guild’s Master Agreement expired on July 31, 2021, and was extended through Oct. 30, 2021. Here are the companies represented by the AMPTP for the successor 2021-2024 Master Agreement:

4th Floor Productions, Inc.

ABC Studios
Adelaide Productions, Inc.
Alien Animation, LLC
American Animation Institute, Inc.
Animated Productions Inc.

Big Indie Pictures, Inc.

Cartoon Network Studios, Inc.
Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.
Corporate Management Solutions, Inc. dba CMS Productions
Cranetown Media LLC
CRD Productions, Inc.

Disney Television Animation
DreamWorks Animation LLC
DreamWorks Animation Television LLC

Eye Animation Productions Inc.

Fox Animation Los Angeles, Inc.
Fox Television Animation, Inc.
Future Forty LLC

Halfworld Productions LLC
HB Wink Animation Production, Inc.

Katy Mac Session Productions, Inc.

Marvel Animation Studio LLC
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Animation Inc.
My Little Pony G5 Productions LLC
My Little Pony Productions LLC
Muddy Water Entertainment, Inc.


Obelisk Productions, Inc.

Partricks Road Productions II, Inc.
Picrow, Inc.
Picrow Streaming Inc.
Picrow Features Inc.
Pour Animer, LLC

Reassembled Productions LLC
Robin Red Breast, Inc.
Rough Draft Studios, Inc.
Rutherford Bench Productions, Inc.

S.B.I. Media, L.L.C.
STX Animation, LLC

Thwip Productions LLC
TOEI DOGA Productions, LLC
Tom T. Animation, Inc.
Turner 1050 Productions, Inc.

Universal Animation Studios LLC
Universal Cable Animation LLC
Universal City Studios LLC

Walt Disney Pictures
Warner Bros. Animation Inc.
Warner Specialty Productions Inc.
Watercooler Productions, Inc.
Woodridge Productions LLC

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