Benefits to Members

Members working under a Guild contract are enjoying health and pension benefits that are entirely funded by the employer. Click the links below to learn more about the Health and Pension plans.

Health Plan page
Pension Plan page

Representation Card

The Representation Card is your way of telling us that you are interested in having the Guild represent you at your workplace. Click the link below and print out the card. Fill it out, sign it and return it to us. As soon as we receive it, you will be contacted and we will help you organize your workplace under a Guild contract.

Animation Guild Interviews

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The Animation Guild started interviewing veterans in the industry in late 2010. Our purpose? To shine a light on the artists, writers and technicians who have made the animation business what it is in the early 21st century. Every person here has interesting tales to tell, so we invite you to listen. These interviews run one to two hours in length and have been edited into two parts for ease of listening.

The interviews are on separate pages in order of the interviewee’s last name. Click the links above to browse the interviews by the artists’ last name.

You can also find the same interviews linked on the TAG Blog. Each has a short introduction and one or two pictures. We are always looking to add people to the list, so if you have suggestions for interview subjects, please send a message to Steve Kaplan and let him know.

We’ve successfully added an iTunes feed for the interviews. Visit the iTunes page at this link to subscribe to the feed.